Educational Offers

It is indeed fascinating if one is enrolled in a culinary program. You will taste different recipes throughout your eight-semester stay in the university or college of your choice. You will feel different wines too, and there will be lots of vineyard tours. If you prefer to enroll in a community college or vocational school, that’s okay also because it takes only about two to three year to finish. Or you may opt to enroll in an online program or distance learning so you can cook some recipes at home. An online program or distance learning may also double as a workshop or special programs.

University / College

In a university or college culinary program leading to a bachelor’s degree, one learns the nutrition of each ingredient. Each student is given his or her own original recipe to cook. The result will then be served in the cafeteria of the university or college. And the evaluation of the studentry in the campus will form part of the grade of that particular student. Isn’t that just great? The student will know the various forms of cooking like sautéing and even baking. The student will know how to concoct sauces, soups, and stocks. The student must also learn how to cook exotic food which is native only to other countries. You will be broken up into groups of four students so you can concentrate well on how a particular recipe is prepared. It’s also possible to do similar online courses.

A significant advantage of taking a culinary course through a university or college is that you have the opportunity to widen your horizons with regards to other subjects too.

Community College / Vocational School

A community college or vocational school offers similar programs but only leading to an associate degree. The advantage here is that once you’ve graduated in a culinary program in a community college or vocational school, you can easily find a job at a bakery, 7 Eleven, bar or McDonald’s in your area because a community college has connections with these outlets so their graduates can easily land jobs there. That’s because of programs offered in a community college and for industries in that particular community hence the apt term community college. It means that if there is a bar in your area, the culinary program of a community college teaches students bartending ala Coyote Ugly.